[VIDEO] CNN Don Lemon Claims Trump Supporters Are Racists… Watch What Happens Next

Posted On 21 Aug 2017
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Over the past few weeks, monuments and statues dedicated to slave owners have been dismantled. CNN host Don Lemon is leading the attack by continuing to slander our president and anyone who supports keeping historical statues in their rightful places.

Although it didn’t take long for Lemon to get shut down, he totally crossed a line by comparing Confederate General Robert E. Lee to Osama Bin Ladin, the evil Islamic mastermind behind September 11.

As reported by Conservative 101, Lemon stated, “Let me give you — let me give you — let me give you — this is a stark example and pardons me for my clumsiness here. Imagine if someone wanted the erect – I have a school called Osama Bin Laden Middle School for Learning — whatever.”

In response, guest Alice Stewart said, “That’s not in part of America.”

Lemon ranted, “But that is not a part of African-American. But that represents Robert E. Lee. That was our holocaust, right? This is what happened to us. We would rather not go to schools — we’re not saying people shouldn’t learn about Robert E. Lee.” He continued, “We’re not saying that Robert E. Lee — Robert E. Lee statues should not exist in some form some wear, but it should not be part of a public building, a building — especially something that is paid for with federal tax dollars. If you want to have it in the privacy of your home, have as many Robert E. Lee statues as you want.”

Of course, social media users immediately attacked Lemon’s ridiculous comparison.

One user wrote, “CNN still thinks the south was Republican and Lincoln was a Democrat.”

“This guy is genuinely stupid. Could it be that CNN would hire any dimwit off the street as long as they’re a leftist?” another chimed in.

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