PBS Does Poll On Antifa & Confederate Statues, Buries Results After Seeing What America Really Thinks

Two polls came out over the last few days that are devastating for two popular liberal narratives.

#1 – Almost half the country supports Trump’s response to Charlottesville that the media freaked out over.

#2 – The majority of Americans (including the majority of black people) don’t care about the presence of Confederate statutes.

Those are huge polls that you would think everyone would be interested in.

Nah, not the MSM.

In fact, two of the most popular liberal outlets totally buried the polls as well as polls that showed Americans don’t like BLM or Antifa.

From Newsbusters:

Taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR are now in the polling business with Marist College, and like the other networks, their polls are often used to support putting heat on Republicans. On Wednesday, they announced they had found a majority of Americans were disappointed with the president’s responsive to the violence in Charlottesville. PBS then ignored their own finding that 62 percent favored leaving Confederate statues in place, while only 27 percent want them removed. NPR reported it once, and then insisted that had nothing to do with Charlottesville.

Buried in the weeds: They also asked if Americans approve or disapprove of Black Lives Matter: 50 percent disapproved, and only 33 percent approved. They even asked about approval of Antifa, but few had heard of them yet: Five percent approved, 24 percent disapproved, 18 percent said they had no opinion either way, and 53 percent were unsure. But if the results don’t fit….you must omit?

Pretty much par for the course for the liberal left at this point.

They will do whatever it takes to protect the narrative.

Regardless of what the people want.

Downright embarrassing at this point.

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