Media “Forgot” To Cover Hillary Clinton’s Huge Tax Problem

Posted On 21 Aug 2017
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It is obvious that Hillary Clinton would like to divert people’s attention away from that extortion scheme known as The Clinton Foundation.

The corrupt Clinton Foundation has not done anything more substantial or important for this country than any other charity has done or could do.

This foundation is a money-launder that makes it possible for the Clintons and accomplices to go about doing their dishonest deeds, while having something to cover-up their dirty work. There tax documents confirm this, take a look:

As it clearly states above, the crooked Clintons brought in $178,000,000, however only $5,100,000 went to charity work.

If the Clintons donated $5 million to charity, they would need to spend seven times that on payroll. So let’s get this straight, only 5.6 percent of their income actually goes to charity, while 38.1 percent is going to salaries?

Also note, the $50 million in other expenses? This was probably used to cover:

  • Bill’s strippers and prostitutes
  • James Comey
  • Bimbo Explosions
  • Chelsea’s Wedding
  • YOGA!

Carteret County News Times reports:

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