We Think Hillary Forgot Her Best Friend Was The Leader Of The KKK … Remind Her

Posted On 20 Aug 2017
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Kirsters Baish|We’re all familiar by now with the tactics of the Left when it comes to politics. They are seasoned in digging up dirt on Right Wing politicians, because it is often the only defense they have. Hillary Clinton definitely is guilty of using these tactics on President Donald Trump, so I think it’s about time that the Right gives her a taste of her own medicine. This is going to be a hard pill for Liberals to swallow.

While we all know that the KKK is a racist group that spreads hate, many Americans are unaware of Hillary Clinton’s personal ties to members of the Klan. Yup, that’s right. The woman who claims that she is there for the black Americans is actually in cahoots with members of the KKK. Another detail the Left won’t want to hear, but had better listen carefully, is that the KKK was in fact started by Democrats!

It’s pretty funny actually that some former KKK members are high up in our government… but they aren’t Republicans. No, they are Liberals. Robert C. Byrd is actually a former KKK member, as well as Senator of West Virginia.
Hillary Clinton actually called Byrd a friend and a mentor!

Hillary Clinton was open about being mentored by Byrd when she was on her way to becoming a New York Senator.

And if that wasn’t the proof in the pudding, here’s a lovely video of Bill Clinton defending Byrd’s dishonorable behavior.

The DNC has proved themselves to be a group of racist, despite the Left claiming that they care about the black community. They have done literally nothing to help African Americans. The Left isn’t shy about using groups of people for votes, and sadly, it seems that this is exactly what they have been doing to blacks in America. So, when the term “racist” is being thrown around, just remember who started the KKK.

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